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Pottery 1: Introduction to Pottery

with Jeff and Jane Boswell

Mondays 6-9p, Jan 12 - March 9 (9 sessions) $200

a fun, basic, sample-everything clay class in which students create stoneware pottery using the potter’s wheel, slab roller, extruders, templates, molds, and their bare hands! 


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Pottery 2: Intermediate Clay

with Jeff and Jane Boswell

Thursdays 9a-12p OR 6-9p from Jan 15 thru March 12 (9 sessions) $200

Pottery II students work semi-independently in a series of broad assignment options in which they develop more advanced construction and decorating skills and sharpen their awareness of clay as an art form.  

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Pottery 3: Advanced Studio Pottery

with Jeff and Jane Boswell

Tuesdays 6-9p from January 13th thru May 12th (18 sessions) $360

POTTERY III is an 18-week directed studio opportunity for adult students with excellent clay skills, craftsmanship, and technique.  

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Kil'n Time With Clay

with Jeff and Jane Boswell

Mondays 6-9p, Nov 17th - Dec 22nd OR Fridays 9a-12p Nov 14th - Dec 19th
(6 sessions) $135

“KIL’N TIME” is a relaxed independent studio opportunity between the Fall and Winter trimesters.  

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Absolute Beginning Drawing

with Bridget Santon

(8 sessions) $135

This 8 week adult class will allow students with no previous experience to explore different drawing media with other first -time artists.  


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Art Work Kicks for Kids

with Boyd Smith

(1 session) $130

In this fun learning experience, kids (ages 8-12) will explore painting techniques on their everyday wear... SHOES!  

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Fun with Fabrics for Kids 

with Elizabeth Lincourt

(4 sessions) $135

Fun with Fabric for Kids will be a 4 week workshop series. We will do light sewing with needles and thread.  
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ISM's for Kids

with Elizabeth Lincourt

Every Other Saturday 10a-12p, Oct 25 - Dec 20 (5 sessions) $160

A five week, alternating Saturday class for kids about ISMs in art, art movements. Surrealism, Cubism, Pointillism, Impressionism and Modern Art.  

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Back to Basics for Adults

with Elizabeth Lincourt

(4 sessions) $125

For adults who enjoyed art as a kid and have often thought about going back to it but don't know where to start.  

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Printmaking with a Gelli Plate

with Jennifer Reitmeyer

(5 sessions) $125

Students will learn printmaking using the flexible and exciting technique of Gelli printing.

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Mosaics 1 
(Beginner to Intermediate)

with Judy Titche

(4 sessions) $185

Learn the rich history of mosaic as well as innovative mosaic techniques and creative designs using traditional and found objects as tesserae to form art and functional pieces.

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Beginning Felting

with Judy Titche

(5 sessions) $235

Students will learn the background of felting, the chemistry and the aesthetics of working with natural fibers using various techniques.  

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Needle Felting

with Judy Titche

4 sessions) $175

In the class, students will learn the art of sculpture through the technique of needle felting wool. Fundamentals of design, form, color and proportion will be taught as students create a miniature item of their choice.  

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with Ron Burgess

Mondays from 10a-12p (ongoing class - join anytime!) $25 per session

While working with photo references, students learn the mechanics of pastel painting, including materials and their application.

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with Lorie Amick

Mondays, 12:30-2:30p OR 6:30-8:30p (ongoing - join anytime!) 6 sessions $125 

This class is for anyone who would like to venture into the wonderful world of watercolors!  

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Yoga at the Museum

with Katie Yankura

Mondays, 4-5p or 5:30-6:30p (join anytime!) $10 per session or $50 for 6

Kripalu Yoga is a form of yoga that helps its practitioners to stretch and tone their muscles, release chronic tension, calm restless thoughts, and cultivate concentration and creativity.  

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